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Links & resources

Novant Health Flood and Harris OB/GYN wants you to have as much information as possible so you can make smart health decisions for yourself. The resources on this page offer reliable information about a variety of health topics. If you do not see what you need here, feel free to call our office at 704-384-0560.

We also have a social worker on-site to help you find resources you may need during and after your pregnancy. Click here for more information about social services we provide.

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that might be only a minor discomfort to you could be very harmful to your unborn baby. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers information about STDs, including ways to prevent them and treat them. Click here to learn more about STDs.

The CDC also offers information on substance abuse including side effects and treatment options. Click here to learn more about how you can overcome addiction to alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs.

The Mecklenburg County Women's Commission offers resources for families affected by domestic violence. Help is confidential and free of charge. Click here to learn more about support groups and resources offered.



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